May 21, 2024

Exciting Facts About Rincon de la Victoria

Only a few miles east of Malaga lies the beach municipality of Rincon de la Victoria. It is now a popular residential location for individuals who work in Malaga and wish to be close to outstanding sandy beaches when they want to unwind.

Rincón de la Victoria, which was formerly merely a fishing community, has grown to include several apartment buildings and other multi-story structures. This area’s abundance of posh hotels, pubs, and restaurants proves that it is now a top tourist attraction. The town has benefited greatly from tourism, which is why the population, which has increased to nearly 38,600, is still expanding quickly.

You may buy Rincón de la Victoria property for sale at any time of year and have an outstanding coastal vacation thanks to its subtropical temperature and bustling seaside promenade. If your search is to buy a property in Spain check out this beautiful town.

Its biggest asset is its bustling beach and urban seafront of Rincon de la Victoria. The view stretches down the length of the sandy beach from the westernmost cliff top, marked by a Moorish watchtower, past the jumble of blue and white fishing boats, chiringuitos (fish restaurants on the beach), palm trees, the sporadic cluster of thatched sunshades, and the never-ending to-and-fro of promenaders, cyclists, and joggers.

This beach paradise, which spans an impressive 9 kilometres, has been found by individuals outside Malaga. During the sweltering Summer months, Spaniards from all across the nation and foreign visitors throng Rincon de la Victoria’s seductive shoreline.

Torre del Mar, another haven for beach bums, is located about 20 miles east of this town. Don’t let the words “sanctuary” or “haven” mislead you; these towns are swarming with partygoers, especially during the busy season. The nights in these places are incredibly lively during such months.