July 20, 2024

Comparison between CBD Tincture and CBD Oil

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Over the last few years, lots of interests have been generated in CBD and THC, though research on CBD was going on since the Second World War period. However, curiosity about these compounds has increased during the last few years ever since CBD has been legalized in the 50 states. 

In this short article, we shall restrict ourselves by making a comparative study of CBD oil and CBD tincture. 

CBD oil

CBD oil is prepared by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and thereafter it is diluted with certain carrier oil so that it can be consumed easily. Oils used as a carrier are:

  • MCT oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Coconut oil 

CBD tincture

CBD tincture is prepared by using water and alcohol solution to extract CBD out of marijuana plants and industrial hemp. Both CBD oils and CBD tinctures can be purchased online from      Just CBD Store for your consumption.

Now let us make the comparison between these two very popular products of CBD.


  • Both are packaged within a tinted glass bottle of dark brown color for improving shelf life.
  • Both are consumed by using a dropper
  • Both are ingested by oral method sublingually
  • You will get almost similar kinds of health benefits by consuming them.
  • Both contain a higher percentage of CBD as compared to any other CBD products.


  • Besides alcohol as a base, CBD tincture may also contain a few other ingredients in order to make it tasty. However, CBD oil may taste a little bitter.
  • Although both can be used topically, CBD tincture may produce skin irritation while with the application of CBD oil, you can be relieved from pain, inflammation, itchiness, and irritation, etc. 
  • The concentration of CBD tincture is far less as compared to the concentration of CBD present in the CBD oil. That is because plenty of other ingredients are present within CBD tincture to make it more as medicine.
  • CBD oil is on the other hand a pure form of CBD and has got no additional ingredients present in it, unlike CBD tincture.
  • CBD oil is produced by using either carbon-di-oxide or by using hydrocarbon extraction methods while CBD tincture is produced with ethanol and carbon-di-oxide extraction methods.
  • CBD oil being more concentrated is normally used for treating a little more severe condition as compared to CBD tincture. CBD oil is meant for those who are too busy and cannot consume it more than once a day. However, CBD tincture is for administering several times a day. 

Now that you are aware of the differences between CBD tincture and oil, you can easily decide all by yourself, which one you should consume for your treatment by using any CBD product. 

Although both CBD oils, as well as CBD tinctures, are great ways to take CBD daily however CBD oils also carry in addition a certain carrier oil, e.g. MCT oil, coconut oil or hemp seed oil, etc. Hence, CBD oil can also be applied topically to your skin, besides taking orally however tincture can only be taken by oral method.