The Wonders of Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand for Weekend

Carol E. Musick
Where to Train Muay Thai in Phuket - Muay Thai Citizen

Every year millions of people come to Thailand just for the purpose of spending holidays at some exotic beach or just exploring the wonders of Phuket Island. Well, there is a different class of tourists as well who come here to join Muay Thai training camp. It does not matter that if you are present in Phuket or any other island in Thailand because, in Thailand, Muay Thai camps are as ordinary as the street food hawkers. Now the reason that why you should also spend your weekend in Thailand while training for Muay Thai is because it has so many benefits for you besides health.  

Importance of Muay Thai 

First of all, you must understand that by coming to this country on a Muay Thai Holiday plan, you will be entering a lifestyle of fitness and achieving the best technique for weight loss. Besides this, you will be saving a lot more from your total holiday budget than you can imagine. The tough part of spending the weekend in a different country is finding a suitable hotel with affordable rates. So, with the Muay Thai holiday plan, you need not worry about this, because normally training camps have on-site accommodation available for their customers.  

Luxurious On-Site Accommodation 

Now you might be wondering that if that accommodation is in a Muay Thai training camp, then without any doubt, it would be no different from military housing where you see blank walls and tough bunkers. Well, in the case of Muay Thai, training camp accommodation is just similar to the hotel rooms, with an equal level of comforts that you can imagine in any luxurious hotel in Thailand. Furthermore, it is not necessary that you have to keep training all the time and ruin your holiday spirit. Normally training hours start in the morning when you wake up, and they continue for 2 or 3 hours maximum. After that, you are all free to set out and enjoy the beauty of Phuket island.  

Daily Muay Thai Holiday Schedule 

Routine for Muay Thai Holiday is also very interesting, that actually allows you to enjoy the perk of Muay Thai holiday completely. As it is discussed above that, you will be starting your day with Muay Thai training, and after spending few hours for training then you will get back to your room where you will get fresh up with exotic breakfast that is being served to your room right away. After enjoying some Thai delicacies, you can set out to explore the beauty of this amazing country.  Muay Thai for weight loss is a good holiday program.  

Dive into the Wonders of Thailand 

The best thing about Thailand is that here you will always find something to keep you busy. You can either set out in a luxurious yacht exploring different smaller islands and dive into the beauty of those exotic islands. If you want to get a little bit more adventurous, then you can wear snorkeling gear and get an experience of underwater diving as well. Above all of this, you should never forget the wide range of Thai street food that you can get to experience every day during your whole stay in this country. 

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