Perks of Travel Nurse Jobs in New York: Perfect Reason to Become One 

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The hardest thing to balance is work and pleasure. It’s challenging to be able to work and enjoy the things your love in life at the same time. Especially among people who have work that requires long hours and a lot of pressure, just like nurses. Nurses have one of the most exhausting jobs in the world and that’s why they deserve something better. Travel nurse agencies had been acting as bridges between nurses and medical facilities, so nurses can work as travel nurses in different countries or States. This opportunity is open to any nurse who wishes to make work and travel work at the same time. Perks of travel nurse jobs in New York might help you decide to travel to the Big Apple to work and explore NY.


Advantages of   Travel Nursing Jobs in NYC

Exploring the Big Apple

Reaching New York is everyone’s dream, this place is known as the Big Apple , the City that never sleeps. Almost everything is in New York , museums, hundreds of shopping centers, concerts, Broadway stations and good foods. There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to practice your profession in your dream City. The good thing about it is that you can take a break after your assignment and spend the time you want just merely visiting places in New York during your break. Everybody needs a breather after long hours of assignments.

Higher Pay

Travel nurse salaries were higher compared with regular nurses. Salary for nursing jobs in New York ranges from $42 and up depending on their expertise. Nurses have specialization and this can aid in getting more salary , so if you are a nurse and specializes in something especially in intensive care, then you can get more. Apart from the basic salary other additional bonuses are given such as :

  • Referral bonuses for those who can tagged along with friends that also want to enjoy the perks of being a travel nurse in New York.
  • Completion Bonuses are given once travel nurses furnish their assignments.
  • Life and Health insurances are provided to secure travel nurses from unexpected situations that may occur during their travel nursing jobs in New York.

Free Accommodation

Housing is provided for nursing in New York once they decide to work as a travel nurse. Being away from home is not easy especially if you will stay there for a 13-week assignment. They don’t want you to be homesick, so they provide the most comfortable housing for their travel nurses.What’s more if you are a pet lover , you can bring your pets, and they can even arrange a pet-friendly housing for you! You can even have an option to choose your one place and a housing stipend will be provided for you.

24/7 Chief Nurse Supervision

During your entire shift Chief nurses are available anytime you need them. Supervisors are important especially for patients who need extra care and to support you with that , your chief nurse will be there to answer all your concerns, and they can give their advice throughout your shift. Working as a team is far better than being on your own, so they always got your back.

Continuous Learning

Nursing jobs need continuous training, and they need to enhance their skills now and then especially since technology on medical improvements are fast changing and getting updates can be a big help for medical workers to be able to handle their duties right. As professionals nurses need to broaden their  knowledge on their expertise as well as anything related to their work to be able to attend to patients demands. With the training they get medical   whom they are working with can also benefit. For each good feedback on their nurse’s performance they get credit from it.


With all these perks of travel nurse jobs in New York, traveling nurses couldn’t ask for more. Travel nursing jobs can be your gateway to exploring NY while practicing your career. You can grow as an individual and reach your career goal. Travel nursing agencies are continuously looking for nurses to assign  RN jobs in NYC, this can be your ticket to an opportunity you won’t regret. So take your chances now!

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