June 20, 2024

Backpacking Checklist – Drugs

Picture obtaining out that your stomach thinks that you really should not have had that ice cream just just before your bus departs for a 18 hour trip. Having the appropriate medication with you can literally be a existence saver. Usually double test with healthcare authorities what you will need to carry on your excursion. The below checklist has a handful of recommended things which might appear in handy, use it as inspiration and make your individual.

If you have medication from past outings you approach to deliver alongside look at the expiry date.


Make confident you get the immunizations you need to have in time for your departure.

Surgical tape

Compress/sterile wraps





Fungus procedure

It can be uncomplicated to get fungal bacterial infections in heat and humid climate

Nose spray (from colds)

Cough medicine

Diarrhoea medicine

Heartburn drugs

Constipation drugs

Rehydration salts

If you drop a large amount of liquid they can assist you avoid dehydration.

Mosquito repellent

Lice remedy

Malaria treatment

If you want this look at which variety you need to have. There are various sorts, some with facet outcomes. You may possibly have to commence getting the malaria medication in progress.


Verify with your health practitioner if it is a good idea.

Vitamin and mineral tablets

Practical if you have a a single-sided eating plan.

Sunburn lotion

Treatment if you get burned from being in the sun for as well lengthy.

Scientific thermometer

To measure fever/temperature.

Prescription medication in unique packaging

If you have prescription medicine, set it in the primary packaging. Check out if it is authorized in your destination.


For your medication.

Sterile syringe

If you are anxious that the syringes accessible domestically are not cleanse.

1st aid kit

Fill it up with some of the advised medicine.

Band support

Get some distinct sizes for distinct wounds.

Blister moleskin

Moleskins are a distinctive variety of band support. It consists of synthetic skin that you can minimize to form and then implement on major of your blister.

Eye drops

If your eyes get dry

Condom/lubrification/beginning control tablets etc

Very well, you never know when you may get lucky )

Sore Throat Lozenges

For cure of sore throat.

Movement sickness products

Verify with your pharmacy how much time in advance you need to choose the products for the impact to kick in.

Lotion for insect bites

Delighted travels!