Top-Rated Attractions in Amsterdam

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The capital city of the Netherlands is a tourist magnet due to many reasons. It’s full of iconic places including numerous theaters, museums, and several entertainment venues. The city architecture has also been the reason why many tourists opt to visit. It has many elegant buildings that have been well-preserved dating back to as far as the 17th century. The city has plenty of bridges that have attracted photographers from far and wide, with the famous and most photographed one being the Magere Brug.

The aviation industry in the Netherlands is well-developed, making it easy for tourists to travel into and out of the country. You can get direct flights from Hong Kong to Amsterdam when you fly with Cathay Pacific; it’s a premier aviation company that offers seamless flights to the Dutch capital. You can click here for more flight details and incredible offers. 


Kicking off the list is a place that receives an innumerable number of tourists every year. Rijksmuseum houses important artworks that can date back to as far as the 13th century. It was given the privilege of storing more than a million cultural artifacts and over 8000 unique paintings. The national museum also has a library that has over 35,000 books. The highlight of Rijksmuseum is its collection of art galleries that comprises of beautiful artifacts from medieval times. You can also find marvelous modern inspired works across the 250 rooms. 


If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, then Jordaan is a place you shouldn’t fail to explore. It’s known for being the most popular neighborhood in the entire Dutch capital with high-end boutiques, fancy eateries, and scenic streets, giving it the unique trait it has acquired over the years. Apart from the famously known Anne Frank House, it’s also known for having a floating museum, as well as Amsterdam Cheese Museum. 

If you happen to be visiting this neighborhood during the weekend, be sure to buy some memorabilia in the open-air market at Lindegracht. You can also try out tasty cuisines at the numerous cafes and restaurants that can easily be found in every corner of the street. 


This is a truly unique and elegant park that covers an area of approximately 120 acres. The park has a peaceful ambiance featuring beautiful paths, sculptures, and recreational facilities that make it a fun spot to enjoy especially when visiting with your family and friends. There are plenty of cafes that give you the option of enjoying exotic snacks as you explore the area. Vondelpark is also home to a spectacular rose garden that has a variation of over 70 flowers. From May to September, music lovers converge at the open-air theater to watch musical and stage productions performed by a variety of artists and actors. 

Dam Square

Dam Square is yet another area that tourists love to explore and spend their time. It’s a place that was once the Royal Palace back in the 17th century. Currently, it serves as the venue of royal functions. Other important attractions include the National Memorial Statue and the Nieuwe Kerk. The area has multiple restaurants, shops, and cafes. When touring this place, don’t forget to take on the Ferries Wheel that’ll give you a breathtaking birds-eye view of the whole area. 

Van Gogh Museum

If you consider yourself an art lover, then make your way to the sensational Van Gogh Museum. It’s a place that has managed to attract many art fans and tourists since it first opened its doors in 1972. The museum is a dedication to one of the country’s most respected artists, Van Gogh, containing some of the most iconic masterpieces he ever produced. Collectively, the Van Gogh Museum has over 1000 stunning pieces of painting, etchings, and letters. Be sure to check out the incredible multimedia presentation of the painter’s life known as “Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience.”


The Dutch capital is truly a magnificent place to visit; it has numerous attractions that make it suitable for a family, romantic, or adventurous trip. Adding the places that have been listed to your itinerary will ultimately increase your level of fun and adventure to your trip, thus improving your travel experience.