June 13, 2024

Five Reasons to Use an Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

There are myriad benefits that packaging companies can gain from automating their packaging process. This week, we are going to be looking at individual components of packaging equipment and discuss some of these benefits.

The automatic liquid filler eliminates the need for a human operator during each fill cycle as it automatically transfers product from a holding tank to the waiting bottles or containers. When companies automate their filling process, they are able to enhance their packaging operation in numerous ways, which include the following:

1. Consistent and Reliable Fills

One main advantage of using an automatic filler is that it increases the accuracy of the filling process. Regardless of what criteria is used in the filling process – whether a highly accurate volumetric fill, a level fill or any other criteria – the automatic filling machine helps to make sure that every cycle is consistent and is completed in the same manner. It is very difficult to achieve this level of consistency and reliability when manually filling bottles or containers by hand.

2. Speed

As the production demand continues to increase, hiring manual labour to complete each fill starts becoming less and less practical. Increased speed is perhaps the most notable advantage of utilizing automatic packaging equipment. Companies can ensure that their production process runs both faster and constantly through the use of power conveyors and multiple fill heads together with the right filling principle.

3. Versatility

A majority of companies make use of different bottles for the same product. Some companies also package multiple products. Often, a single liquid filler can be designed to manage all bottle containers, and products packaged by a company. Some machines might need slight adjustments to switch from one bottle to another or one product to another. Other machines might require additional time on changeover in production processes where there are varying sizes of bottles and product viscosity.

4. Ease of Use

Nearly all automatic filling machines such as filling machines are equipped with a programmable logic controller and an operator interface that is very easy to use. The operator interface is fitted with a touchscreen that enables the operator to input the required amount and times to complete every cycle. After the numbers have been entered, a recipe screen holds this information. As a result, the operator will just have to input the recipe number using the interface, make the necessary physical adjustments (fill head height, conveyor rails, etc) and then keep an eye on the machine as it operates.

5. Growth Potential

Automatic packaging machines should be built with an eye on the future. This simply means that the machine shouldn’t be built to just meet the company’s current maximum capacity. Here at LPS, we design our equipment bearing in mind that our customers will experience growth at some point. Simple additions like extra fill heads can be made to the filling machine to enable the equipment to grow with the business.

These are just but a few of the many benefits that a packaging company can expect from automating the filling process. To find out more about how automation in the packaging process can benefit your project, get in touch with us today.